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Online Volunteer Opportunity

Do you want to learn about how companies implement the principles of the largest Corporate Citizenship initiative in the world? The UN Global Compact offers you a special “externship” volunteer opportunity: With little time and from home you can help the UN, learn about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and receive valuable benefits.

What is the UN Global Compact?
  • ‧The world's largest corporate citizenship initiative aiming for a more sustainable and inclusive world economy

  • ‧Supported by over 4000 participants in over 100 countries

  • ‧Includes many of the worlds most influential companies, such as Coca Cola, ebay and Microsoft

  • What is the COP Review Project?
    Companies from all over the world report their progress on implementing the 10 Global Compact principles. Presently, there are over 2000 so-called “Communication on Progress” (COP) reports. We need your support to review and tag these COPs in order to build a fully searchable database. Each review takes approximately 30 minutes.

    What are your Benefits in Participating?
  • ‧Gain valuable learning and resume-building experience in the field of CSR

  • ‧Find out what companies around the world are doing for sustainable development

  • ‧Receive a Certificate of Participation after completing 10 COP reviews

  • ‧Get a personal Letter of Appreciation by reviewing more than 50 COPs!

  • Participate now at: www.unglobalcompact.org/COP/Wiki

    For any questions please contact Jurgen Nagler at nagler@un.org.

    Thank you for participating!
    UN Global Compact Office

    Juergen Nagler
    Coordinator COP Review Project
    UN Global Compact Office
    United Nations
    email: nagler@un.org

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