作者:Subcomandante Marcos,吳音寧/著 譯者:吳音寧 出版社:印刻 定價:280台幣 初版日期:2003 年 12 月 24 日 單色印刷 / 平裝 / 288頁 / 直排 ISBN:9867810775 出版地:台灣 博客來介紹

我對於中南美叢林游擊份子的浪漫想像,肇於96年冬天一支祕魯MRTA反抗軍潛入了首都的日本使館,挾持了和當時正在參加耶誕派對的客人,和藤森政府展開了三個月的對峙。後來「合法」的國家反恐部隊強行進入使館擊斃了那些反抗軍,電視上播出一個一個蓋白布的屍體被抬出來的畫面,展現著藤森強人手腕的魄力。當時媒體一致對藤森順利鏟除恐怖份子救出人質的贊揚聲中,英國衛報卻登出了弔念MRTA行動頭目Nestor Cerpa Cartolini的一篇訃文,文中簡述了一個祕魯赤貧農家子的宿命和後來的革命牢獄流亡生涯,並稱他是一位自始自終都堅守其信念的人。然而最令我印像深刻的,卻是旁邊的一張照片,「匪徒」凝視著窗外的溫柔眼神。(真是比Che Guerava還帥,我當時還小心翼翼把它給剪下來:p)

「蒙面叢林」一書的作者Subcomandante Marcos 是墨西哥查巴達民族解放軍(Zapatista National Liberation Army)的代表人物,這是一個為了墨西哥一千多萬原住民權力而戰鬥的武裝組織。然而Marcos作為一個革命者,他的本質更接近為一個詩人,他的作品非常精妙地處理運動過程個人與集體的辯證關係,更顯出詩人的溫柔浪漫與文學的穿透人心。去年九月十一日,當世界貿易組織在Cancun召開貿易談判時,Marcos在會場外同步進行的反全球化會議上,發達了他四年來第一次公開的國際文告,以下是從英國衛報上轉貼來的全文。

The slaves of money - and our rebellion Subcomandante Marcos
Thursday September 11, 2003 The Guardian

Brothers and sisters of Mexico and the world, who are gathered in Cancun in a mobilisation against neo-liberalism, greetings from the men, women, children and elderly of the Zapatista National Liberation Army. It is an honour for us that, amid your meetings, agreements and mobilisations, you have found time and place to hear our words. The world movement against the globalisation of death and destruction is experiencing one of its brightest moments in Cancun today. Not far from where you are meeting, a handful of slaves to money are negotiating the ways and means of continuing the crime of globalisation. The difference between them and all of us is not in the pockets of one or the other, although their pockets overflow with money while ours overflow with hope. No, the difference is not in the wallet, but in the heart. You and we have in our hearts a future to build. They only have the past which they want to repeat eternally. We have hope. They have death. We have liberty. They want to enslave us. This is not the first time, nor will it be the last, that the people who think themselves the owners of the planet have had to hide behind high walls and their pathetic security forces in order to put their plans in place. As if at war, the high command of the multinational army that wants to conquer the world in the only way possible, that is to say, to destroy it, meets behind a system of security that is as large as their fear. Before, the powerful met behind the backs of the world to scheme their future wars and displacements. Today they have to do it in front of thousands in Cancun and millions around the world. That is what this is all about. It is war. A war against humanity. The globalisation of those who are above us is nothing more than a global machine that feeds on blood and defecates in dollars. In the complex equation that turns death into money, there is a group of humans who command a very low price in the global slaughterhouse. We are the indigenous, the young, the women, the children, the elderly, the homosexuals, the migrants, all those who are different. That is to say, the immense majority of humanity. This is a world war of the powerful who want to turn the planet into a private club that reserves the right to refuse admission. The exclusive luxury zone where they meet is a microcosm of their project for the planet, a complex of hotels, restaurants, and recreation zones protected by armies and police forces. All of us are given the option of being inside this zone, but only as servants. Or we can remain outside of the world, outside life. But we have no reason to obey and accept this choice between living as servants or dying. We can build a new path, one where living means life with dignity and freedom. To build this alternative is possible and necessary. It is necessary because on it depends the future of humanity. This future is up for grabs in every corner of each of the five continents. This alternative is possible because around the world people know that liberty is a word which is often used as an excuse for cynicism. Brothers and sisters, there is dissent over the projects of globalisation all over the world. Those above, who globalise conformism, cynicism, stupidity, war, destruction and death. And those below who globalise rebellion, hope, creativity, intelligence, imagination, life, memory and the construction of a world that we can all fit in, a world with democracy, liberty and justice. We hope the death train of the World Trade Organisation will be derailed in Cancun and everywhere else.

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